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Please review, download and share these documents related to the Clean Tax Cuts (CTC) policy concept. Please contact us should you need more information.


CoVictory Bonds & Loans: A Policy Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic: July 2020

Clean Free Market Act: Draft Legislative Language Guidance: September 2019

Clean Tax Cuts - A Year of Policy Design: September 2017

CTC Charrette Report: Columbia University, September 2016

CTC White Paper: September 2016

Sector Specific Documents:

Article: It's time to reel in and replace fuel economy standards
Summary: CTC for the Auto Sector

Green Bonds:
Discussion Paper
Summary: CTC for Green Bonds
Straw proposal: CTC - Emission Reduction Bonds (ERBs) from Travis Bradford

Power Sector:
Summary: CTC for the Power Sector

Real Estate:
Summary: CTC for the Real Estate Sector

Agriculture, Forestry & Land Use:
Summary: CTC for Agriculture & Forestry

Oil & Gas:
Summary: CTC for Oil & Gas

Clean Tech:
Summary: CTC for Clean Tech

Article: Clean Tax Cuts and the Global Free Market for Plastic Solutions



COP26: Climate & Freedom Symposium 2021

View on YouTube

Energy Leaders Webinar Series - October 25, 2021

Discussion continues at | Watch Video on YouTube

CCLC2020: Open for Innovation - Highlights, Sept. 24, 2020

Excerpts from each of the six sessions

CCLC2020: Open for Innovation - Program, Sept. 24, 2020

See Full CCLC Presentation on YouTube

CCLC 2020: Open for Innovation - Session Videos

Session 1: Opening Power Markets to Innovation & Competition

Session 1 on YouTube

Session 2: Intro to Clean Tax Cuts & Clean Free Market Policy as Incentives for Competition

Session 2 on YouTube

Session 3: Brainstorming New Free Market Incentive & Trade Strategies to Open Markets Faster

Session 3 on Youtube

Session 4: Exploring New Strategies for Clean Open Markets within the United States

Session 4 on YouTube

Session 5: Free Trade & Clean Free Trade - Post WWII Lessons, Anti-Competitive Market Distortions, the Agreement on Climate Change, Trade and Sustainability

Session 5 on YouTube

Session 6: Exploring New Strategies for Clean Open Markets Globally

Session 6 on YouTube

Energy Leaders Webinar Series, Online Discussion, August 5, 2020

Discussion continues at

Climate & Freedom Colloquium, during COP 25, Madrid, Spain, Dec. 12, 2019

Clean Capitalist Leadership Council, Sept. 23, 2019 - Policy Briefing

CCLC: Post Briefing Interviews

Charles Hernick, CRES Forum, Washington, DC:

Political landscape for energy policy shows broader acceptance among conservatives

Jeremy Harrell, ClearPath, Washington, DC:

Energy policy options and benefits

Guillermo Peña Panting, Fundación Eléutera, Honduras:

Open markets can bring economic opportunity and social stability as well as
environmental benefit within the developing world

Julian Morris, Reason Foundation, Los Angeles:

History shows open markets spur economic growth

Hunter Lovins, Natural Capitalism Solutions, Boulder, CO:

Renewable energy and regenerative agriculture offer huge
economic opportunities during the energy transition

Tony Keane, EarthX, Dallas, TX:

Educating the public and providing expert forums leads to environmental solutions

Brendon Steele, Future 500, Portland, OR:

Building trust across different groups enables a path forward

Clean Capitalism Summary, EarthX, April 27, 2019

Clean Capitalist Coalition Launch, Sept. 27, 2018

ADEDay: Excerpts from the Green Conservatives Panel

ADEDay: Full Presentation

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