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Please review, download and share these documents related to the Clean Tax Cuts (CTC) policy concept. Please contact us should you need more information.


CTC - Emission Reduction Bonds (ERBs):
Straw proposal from Travis Bradford

CTC Straw Proposals - Wind & Solar: Aspen, CO, March 2016
Discussion Paper for charrette

Clean Capitalism Challenge: Dallas, TX, April 2017
Launched at COP22 in Marrakech, Morocco, November 2016

CTC Policy Bullet Points:  November 2016

CTC Charette Report: Columbia University, September 2016

CTC White Paper: September 2016


Sector Specific Documents:

Agriculture, Forestry & Land Use:
Discussion Paper
Summary: CTC for Agriculture & Forestry

Clean Tech:
Summary: CTC for Clean Tech

Green Bonds:
Discussion Paper
Summary: CTC for Green Bonds

Power Sector:
Discussion Paper: Financing Solar and Wind Power: Insights from Oil & Gas
Summary: CTC for the Power Sector

Oil & Gas:
Summary: CTC for Oil & Gas

Real Estate:
Discussion Paper
Summary: CTC for the Real Estate Sector

Article: It's time to reel in and replace fuel economy standards
Summary: CTC for the Auto Sector



ADEDay: Excerpts from the Green Conservatives Panel

ADEDay: Full Presentation


Links & Press