Our Mission

The Mission of the Grace Richardson Fund is to spearhead new free market policy solutions to critical issues stuck in partisan gridlock.

Current Initiative: Clean Free Market Policy Innovation

Our current focus is to develop free market policy solutions that provide new types of financial incentives and increase investment in clean free enterprise. One such policy - dubbed Clean Tax Cuts - would apply Ronald Reagan-style tax cuts on decarbonizing products and services. We vet this idea by organizing meetings, interviews and charrettes, where experts in a variety of fields gather for intense discussion to assess the concept and design potential solutions.

To Learn more about current policy innovation work, please review our Resources.

How We Like to Work: Charrette Process

These ideas have emerged from collaborative, non-partisan working groups involving hundreds of scholars and industry experts, and dozens of think tanks. If you wish to jump in and help advance this collaborative policy R&D work, please let us know. We welcome a wide range of expert collaborators who can brainstorm and vet new ideas from diverse viewpoints. Please check back often to see all the latest developments, as we update and improve on this work continuously. Contact us should you need more information.

Next Steps...

Let us know if you or a colleague would be interested in learning more about the Clean Tax Cuts idea or participating in the charrette process.
Email: [email protected].