Clean Capitalist Leadership Council

The third annual meeting of the Clean Capitalist Leadership Council was held on September 23, 2019 at 5:00pm at Club 101, 101 Park Avenue in New York City. More than 100 souls packed the conference room and adjacent reception area to hear news of innovative policy design, and the intersection of free market policy and clean energy infrastructure.

Guillermo Peña Panting of Fundación Eleutera and Elizabeth Halliday of the CCLC.
Guillermo Peña Panting of Fundación Eleutera and Elizabeth Halliday of the CCLC.

This year's proceedings saw an international component, with Guillermo Peña Panting of Honduras-based Fundación Eléutera, talking about the need for energy competition as a way to provide better products and more reliable service within the developing world.

Stay tuned for the video excerpts and full presentation.

The event was co-hosted by Andy Sabin, Trammell S. Crow, founder of EarthX, and Rod Richardson, president of the Grace Richardson Fund. Co-chairs for the event included Washington, DC-based Jeremy Harrell, Managing Director of ClearPath, and Charles Hernick, Director of Policy at Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions Forum.


Co-chairs Andy Sabin, Trammell Crow and Rod Richardson were joined by CRES Forum and Matthew Patsky, CEO of Trillium Asset Management to host the second annual Clean Capitalist Leadership Council on September 27, 2018 in New York City.

This ad-hoc organization has grown out of the Clean Tax Cuts Working Group. For items specific to the CCLC, please visit:

The Council aims to be a transpartisan fellowship of prominent philanthropists and thought leaders who are either clean capitalists, conservationists, green conservatives, or some combination thereof. The Council is independent, yet will help guide future CTC development and other similar clean laissez-faire capitalist ideas.

Proposals for next-level CTC development are being funded by various council members, and research is ongoing, especially in the Clean Asset Bond and Plastics arena.

If you wish to be included in the Council please contact us directly