Our Mission

The Mission of the Clean Tax Cuts Working Group is to spearhead new free market policy solutions to critical issues stuck in partisan gridlock.

Current Initiative: Clean Tax Cuts

Our current focus is on a policy dubbed Clean Tax Cuts – applying Ronald Reagan-style tax cuts on decarbonizing products and services. Please read the Clean Tax Cuts White Paper, published on September 5, 2017. This GRF white paper gives an overview of the CTC concept and principles, the findings from the first year of CTC development, and the promising new CTC mechanisms that have emerged to date in 2017 from all sectors studied. And finally, it gives some hints as to what lies ahead.

We are vetting this idea by organizing a series of meetings, followed by economic impact modeling and policy development. With Tax Reform on President Trump’s agenda, we believe this initiative has a window of opportunity to become part of the legislative agenda. Please see the schedule on the Events page for related activities.

To Learn more about the Clean Tax Cuts (CTC) concept, please review the following documents:

Clean Tax Cuts: A Year of Policy Design: September 2017

CTC Policy Bullet Points:  November 2016

CTC Charrette Report: Columbia University, September 2016

CTC White Paper: September 2016


The Clean Tax Cuts Working Group, collaboratively instigated by the Grace Richardson Fund, The Sabin Center at Columbia University, and others mentioned below, is now exploring specific proposals using “clean tax cuts” (CTC) to accelerate capital to clean solutions economy-wide.

Targeted markets and sectors include: green bonds, commercial real estate, agriculture & forestry, the power sector, clean tech, oil & gas, transportation and plastics pollution.

The Grace Richardson Fund, colleagues and members of the Clean Capitalist Leadership Council shall now begin the hard but rewarding work of developing new policy concepts to accelerate clean energy and other innovative market-based solutions.

Consider yourself challenged! We invite you to work with us to help change the world.

Clean Capitalist Leadership Council

Concurrent with Climate Week and the United Nations General Assembly, we are launching the Clean Capitalist Leadership Council (CCLC). The mission will be to target specific areas of the economy that may benefit from tax cuts, and to organize working groups to fund and oversee the research and policy development effort. As this initiative is in the planning stages, please contact us if you are interested. We will reply with more details as soon as possible.

Next Steps…

Let us know if you or a colleague would be interested in learning more about the Clean Tax Cuts idea or participating in the Clean Capitalist Leadership Council.
Email: info@cleantaxcuts.org.