Our Mission

The Mission of the Clean Tax Cuts Working Group is to spearhead new free market policy solutions to critical issues stuck in partisan gridlock.

Current Initiative: Clean Tax Cuts

Our current focus is on a policy dubbed Clean Tax Cuts – applying Ronald Reagan-style tax cuts on decarbonizing products and services. We aim to vet this idea by organizing a series of charrettes, where experts in a variety of fields gather for intense discussion to assess the applicability of the concept. Now that Tax Reform is on President Trump’s agenda, we believe this initiative has potential. Please see the schedule on the Events page.

To Learn more about the Clean Tax Cuts (CTC) concept, please review the following documents:

CTC Policy Bullet Points:  November 2016

CTC Charrette Report: Columbia University, September 2016

CTC White Paper: September 2016


The Clean Tax Cuts Working Group, collaboratively instigated by the Grace Richardson Fund, The Sabin Center at Columbia University, and others mentioned below, is now convening a “Charrette of Charrettes” at the Earth Day Texas 2017 – Clean Capitalism Challenge, exploring specific new proposals using the new “clean tax cuts” (CTC) concept to accelerate capital to clean solutions economy-wide. Over the weeks and months leading up to Earth Day, a series of seven policy design charrettes (expert-level working groups) have been convened around the country, crafting simple, high-impact CTC proposals for the following markets and sectors: green bonds (Columbia University), commercial real estate (American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy), agriculture & forestry (The Nature Conservancy), the power sector (American Renewable Energy Institute), clean tech (Arizona State University), oil & gas (University of Colorado, One Step In Foundation), transportation (R Street Institute).

All EDTX attendees are welcome to participate. You will hear how clean capital acceleration, unleashed by tax cuts, can accelerate clean energy and other innovative clean solutions through higher profits. Consider yourself challenged! Bring your best ideas. The Clean Tax Cuts Working Group wants our feedback and comments, and most importantly, your input in designing new policy concepts and taking them to the next level.

Next Steps…

Let us know if you or a colleague would be interested in learning more about the Clean Tax Cuts idea or participating in the charrette process.
Email: info@cleantaxcuts.org.