Charrette Results reported at EDTx in Dallas, April 21-23, 2017.

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Clean Tax Cuts (CTC)

The Clean Tax Cuts Working Group researches the potential of new free market policy solutions for critical issues stuck in partisan gridlock. One such new idea, Clean Tax Cuts (CTC), applies Ronald Reagan’s supply-side tax cuts to the problems of pollution and climate risk.

A conservative solution with transpartisan appeal, CTC offers something of highest core value for left and right: an ever-cleaner planet and tax cuts; cheaper clean energy and less government, an affordable answer to climate risk, and sustainable growth and prosperity.

To encourage others to get involved in the development of this idea, Rod Richardson presented preliminary findings of this research process at the Earth Day Texas – Clean Capitalism Challenge in Dallas on April 22, 2017
Click here for details on the EDTx – CCC initiative.

Rod first revealed the idea publicly on Earth Day 2016 through a series of articles in The American Spectator, then through public presentations at AREDay 2016 in Aspen, CO in June, as well as at American Sustainable Business Council (ASBC) forums at the Republican National Convention, and in Washington, DC.

You can read the Clean Tax Cuts Charrette Report, generated from the September 2016 event at Columbia University, the CTC white paper, CTC Key Points list, and other CTC background documents within the Media section. Reports from our ongoing charrettes will be posted here when available.

Prof. David Gordon Wilson, MIT, father of the carbon tax in 1973, with Rod Richardson in New York.
Rod & Prof. David Wilson, MIT, father of the carbon tax, who agrees that some modification to his original plan may be necessary to address environmental issues.

Next Steps…

To all scholars, think tanks, policymakers and philanthropists: we invite you to join us in a unique open-source, charrette-driven policy innovation process, as we shape new free-market policy solutions to critical issues stuck in gridlock.  We welcome your thoughts, comments and engagement!

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