ACEEE, with input from many other Clean Tax Cuts Working Group members, has developed a “strawman” proposal for Clean Tax Reform, a simple framework of debt and equity-side clean tax cuts that can be beneficially layered into most tax reform proposals. At this mini-charrette, we will review this proposal and discuss a variety of issues both with the proposal and next steps.

Meeting Details:

November 9, 2017, 10:00am – 5:00pm
ACEEE Offices at the National Press Building
529 14th Street NW, Suite 600
Washington, DC 20045 United States 
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(202) 507-4000

Agenda topics will include the following:
  • Overview of debt-side and equity-side clean tax cuts
  • Review of “clean” items included
    • Which items are most important considering desire to have the most impact but keep cost to the US Treasury to moderate levels? Least important?
    • Are there items that should be added or deleted?
    • Item by item review – how do we adequately define each?
  • Debt-side cuts
    • Green bonds – what details are needed to make the concept workable?
    • Loans –
      • How can we make this provision workable for the IRS to implement and not be gamed?
      • Do we need to treat small loans differently from large loans?
    • Other issues raised by participants
  • Equity-side cuts
    • 25% vs. 50% cuts
    • 5 years vs. full-measure life
    • Do we include past investments or just new investments?
    • Other issues raised by participants
  • Next steps
    • Consultation with other experts – who?
    • Analysis on impacts – ACEEE will prepare a template and do first cut on energy efficiency items but who will do for the other items?
    • Legislative strategy
    • Communications strategy

Strawman Proposal | Summary of Clean Tax Reform Concept | Agenda