Andy Sabin, Trammell Crow and Rod Richardson will co-chair the first, formative meeting of The Clean Capitalist Leadership Council. The Council aims to be a transpartisan fellowship of prominent philanthropists and thought leaders who are either clean capitalists, conservationists, green conservatives, or some combination thereof.

The Council will help guide future CTC development and other similar clean laissez-faire capitalist ideas. Proposals for next-level CTC development from the Tuesday meeting will be presented to the Council around 3:15 pm, after introductions and general discussion.

Another reason we are forming the Council is the opportunity to engage at the highest level. Andy Sabin has been asked to form and chair a new Private Sector Advisory Council to the Congressional Climate Solutions Caucus. The Clean Capitalist Leadership Council can help Andy steer ideas and talent toward the congressional council.

If you wish to be included in the Council please contact us directly at 1-347-450-5042 or